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A timber frame home combines the time-honored art of timber framing with for a home that not only is uniquely beautiful, but one which will last for generations to come. Timber frame construction allows for flexibility in design, resulting other natural elements such as log, log siding, cedar shakes, rustic timber or stone in a home that is a true reflection of you. Whether your primary residence or a vacation getaway, the architectural detail of a timber frame home is unsurpassed.


Our innovative designs, unparalleled craftsmanship, and attention to detail ensure that your timber frame home will stand the test of time. Your timber frame home from Jim Barna Log & Timber Homes is a sound investment, quality you can trust, lasting beauty you will treasure.



Timber Frame Packages

Timber frame manufactures produce varying packages of materials. Some include only the timber frame structure while others include everything you will need to bring your home to the dry-in stage. This difference can be a significant factor in cost comparisons. Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes provides the major components your construction crew will need to bring your timber frame home through dry-in construction as well as several package options to fit your budget and construction experience.


Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes provides a wide variety of options in timber frame styles and have outlined a few below. Timber frame finishes available are heavy timber planed, machine hewn or hand hewn and 8" and 10" round timber frame smooth or with a draw-knife look. Timber frame packages are available in white pine and douglas fir. Exterior sheathing material options available are pine board and batten, cedar shakes, wavy edge siding and a wide variety of log siding profiles either with or without full log corners.


  • Subfloor framing

  • Subfloor sheathing

  • Deck support posts - treated

  • Deck framing - treated

  • 5/4 Decking - treated

  • Timber Frame Package - Precut Heavy Timber Planed

    • Truss style bents - for house & gabled porch

    • Interior girts

    • Second floor joists

    • Interior posts

    • Purlins or intermediate rafters

    • Porch rafters, carry beams & porch posts

  • 2x4 exterior wall, gable & dormer wall framing

  • 7/16" OSB exterior wall, gable & dormer sheathing

  • Exterior wall sheathing of board & batten, shakes, wavy siding or log siding (per plans)

  • 2" T&G Second floor sheathing

  • Sandwich roof system

    • 2" T&G sheathing

    • First layer of roof underlayment

    • Rigid roof insulation (equals R-38 roof system)

    • 5/4 Furring strips

    • OSB Roof sheathing

    • Second layer of roof underlayment

  • Aluminum Clad windows & exterior doors

  • Exterior 1x window & door trim

  • Drip cap & Subfloor trim

  • Exposed Heavy Timber Porch Rafters, Beams & Posts

  • 2" T&G Porch roof sheathing

  • Roof underlayment for porch




  • All of the items in the Standard Package, plus...

  • Interior wall framing

  • Interior window and door trim (sculptured or select)

  • Interior baseboard (sculptured or select)

  • Interior 6-panel Colonial solid wood doors

  • 2x Interior stairs

  • 2x Interior railing

  • Exterior rustic round porch & deck railing











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