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The right home fills a combination of needs, style, and budget. Begin by brainstorming your housing needs – number of bedrooms, baths, and other space requirements. Take into consideration your lifestyle, hobbies, the age of your family and the long-term needs of either a growing or diminishing family.


Decide what style of home best suits your family. Would a single level or two-story home be best? Find an exterior style that you like. But, remember that the interior layout will be of more concern, since families do most of their living inside the home.


How will your home lay out? If property is already in your possession, determine where you want the critical areas – the living area, kitchen,  and dining area, and master suite – in relation  to the property and to each other. Once you have these areas placed, you can begin filling in the blanks by adding the other rooms and spaces where you want them.


Before you start looking for plans that match your sketch, you have one more decision to make; the amount of money you are willing to invest in your new home. Your budget will determine the size of your home. Try to keep a realistic idea of your budget as you start comparing floor-plans that may cost more than you are willing to invest.


One last thing – remember that any floorplan can be modified or customized in any way to suit your needs. Make notes of what features you like and bring them to us. Our custom design department can take your ideas and develop a new home plan specifically for your family. 

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