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All Quality Lumber is Kiln Dried, Just Like Our Logs

To get a truly long-lasting  home, premium materials must be used for construction. The logs for each and every home we produce are select cut, inspected, and graded to TPI (Timber Products Inspection) standards.  After removing the bark, they are kiln dried to reduce the shrinking and twisting inherent with “green” or unseasoned wood.

Drying wood in a high temperature kiln also insures that no insects or larvae will survive the milling process. Only when dried and stable are they shaped and milled to specific tolerances. You can rest assured that the logs you receive from Jim Barna are properly dried, are stable and, with proper care, will last for generations.


Old World Meets New Age Technology

Some of the skills used to produce our log elements are centuries old. Jim Barna Log & Timber Homes is proud to be keeping those skills alive in our hand hewing department. We have also learned that when new technology can do something better, like specialized notches and cuts, it should be utilized.  Our computerized equipment can make precise cuts within 1/100”. Using this technology, we produce heavy timber beams, rafters and trusses with a quality that few other companies can offer.


Better Materials Make A Better Home

The logs, heavy timbers, and rustic posts that we produce are only part of the materials that will go into your home.  Yet, most builders agree that finding top quality materials from local sources, especially when a log home is built at a remote location can be difficult. That is why Jim Barna offers an integrated package of coordinated materials that few companies can match.


All of the materials that we ship must pass our rigid quality control standards. Inspectors monitor the process from start to finish to make sure that only the finest materials go into the construction of your home. Having all framing and trim lumber shipped as a package  ensures that all the materials needed for the dry-in construction will be there, from one single source, and that the most appropriate materials are used. And, since Jim Barna’s purchasing power is stronger than of most lumber companies, we can pass this savings on to you.

Our ‘Total Systems’ approach is just one more reason why so many people choose to build a Jim Barna Log Home or Timber Frame Home.

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