Timber Frame manufacturers produce varying packages of materials. Some include only the timber frame structure while others include everything you will need to bring your home to the dry-in stage. This difference can be a significant factor in cost comparisons.


Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes provides the major components your construction crew will need to bring your timber frame home through dry-in construction as well as several package options to fit your budget and construction experience.


Jim Barna Log and Timber Homes provides a wide variety of options in timber frame styles and have outlined a few below. Timber frame finishes available are heavy timber planed, machine hewn or hand hewn and 8" and 10" round timber frame smooth or with a draw-knife look.


Timber frame packages are available in white pine and douglas fir. Exterior sheathing material options available are pine board and batten, cedar shakes, wavy edge siding and a wide variety of log siding profiles either with or without full log corners.


Timber Frame Specifications:

  • Wood Species - White Pine or Douglas Fir

  • Surface Textures - planed, machine hewn, hand hewn or hand scraped

  • Finishes - Oiled or natural

  • Wood Styles - Square or Round

  • Sizes - Square: 6x6, 8x8, 10x10, 4x6, 6x8, 8x10 or custom sizes Round: 8 inch and 10 inch

  • Exterior Finishes - board and batton, cedar shakes, wavy edge siding, log siding, cedar board, hemlock

  • Insulation - SIP, built up roof systems or spray foam insulation

Timber Frame Package Options Offered By JBLTH:

Standard Timber Frame Package

  • Subfloor Framing

  • Subfloor Sheathing

  • Deck Support Posts – Treated

  • Deck Framing – Treated

  • 5/4 Decking – Treated

  • Timber Frame Package - Precut Heavy Timber Planed

    • Truss Style Bents - For House & Gabled Porch

    • Interior Girts

    • Second Floor Joists

    • Interior Posts

    • Purlins Or Immediate Rafters

    • Porch rafters, carry beams & porch posts

  • 2x4 Exterior Wall, Gable & Dormer Wall Framing

  • 7/16" OSB Exterior Wall, Gable & Dormer Sheathing

  • Exterior Wall Sheathing Of Board & Batten, Shakes, Wavy Siding Or Log Siding (per plans)

  • 2" T&G Second Floor Sheathing

  • Sandwich Roof System

    • 2" T&G Sheathing

    • First Layer Of Roof Underlayment

    • Rigid Roof Insulation (Equals R-38 Roof System)

    • 5/4 Furring Strips

    • OSB Roof Sheathing

    • Second Layer Of Roof Underlayment

  • Aluminum Clad Windows & Exterior Doors

  • Exterior 1x Window & Door Trim

  • Drip Cap & Subfloor Trim

  • Exposed Heavy Timber Porch Rafters, Beams, & Posts

  • 2" T&G Porch Roof Sheathing

  • Roof Underlayment For Porch

  • 1x & 2x Facia As Required

Premium Timber Frame Package

  • All Of The Items In The Standard Timber Frame Package Plus

  • Interior Wall Framing

  • Interior Window And Door Trim (Sculptured Or Select)

  • Interior Baseboard (Sculptured Or Select)

  • Interior 6-Panel Colonial Solid Wood Doors

  • 2x Interior Stairs

  • 2x Interior Railing

  • Exterior Rustic Round Porch & Deck Railing