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Why Jim Barna homes age so gracefully:


Many people believe that all-wood homes must be high maintenance. Not so. We’ve learned that by combining good engineering, proper construction techniques, the right coatings and sealers, and good common sense, our homes can be easily maintained with a minimum  of effort and  expense.


At Jim Barna, we engineer all of our homes with generous roof overhangs to give added protection from the effects of sunlight and weather. Also, many of the plans you’ll see in our plans section feature large porches, some wrapping around the entire structure. Depending on your site and environmental conditions, these features could make the difference between moderate maintenance and a truly low maintenance home.


Like any wood product, the better sealed your logs are, the better they will look and the less maintenance they will require. That’s why Jim Barna uses and recommends only the finest coatings and sealers – products like Perma-Chink stains, preservatives, sealants and finishes. These products have withstood the test of time and keep on shining.

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